TRC quality for batch production from raw materials to products


35t ~ 250t single press line and 110t progressive press line are available.

110t, 150t press line.

200t double crank press.

110t progressive

Double crank press (250t) / IDA / 1unit
Double crank press (200t) Aida, Fukui / 2 units
Air clutch press (150t) / Nagao, Komatsu / 2 units
Air clutch press (110t) / Komatsu / 2 units
Air clutch press (75t) / Nagao / 2 units
Air clutch press (35t) / Nagao / 1unit
Blanking press (110t) / Aida / 1unit
Leveler feeder
Width 400mm / Orii / 1 unit


Automation of arc welding, spot welding and seam welding equipment are also provided by TIG / MAG tool changer robot with external single axis, servo gun spot, handling spot welding robot.

Servo gun welding robot

Servo gun welding robot

TIG / MAG with 1 external axis
Tool changer welding robot

TIG filler welding equipment

Handling spot welding robot

Seam welding of motorcycle fuel tank


We have facilities to meet a wide range of needs such as machining, milling, and lathe.

Machining center


We have a wide range of equipment from jig design by 2D / 3DCAD, product VE proposal, high-quality surface treatment, accurate production management, automatic warehouse.

production management system

Automatic warehouse

List of vehicle equipment

Truck / 2 cars Passenger car / 2 cars Forklift / 2 cars Reach / 1 car